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Features and Benefits


With energizer buddy you can get any alarm statuses directly to your phone. Arm and disarm energisers and home alarms from your phone, even open your gate remotely, while you are out of town and someone needs to get in to your premises. Have total control.


The Energizer Buddy will notify you of the specific zone triggered on your energizer. This minimizes responce time and helps find trouble zones



Receive your house alarm trigger as an SMS. Action a response quicker than the security company that apparently looks after your property. Have total control of opening your garage remotely and if someone forgets it open when leaving, get a notification that it is still open.


Have a log of each gate open event to your property. Know when your Gardener and House keeper arrives and when they leave your property via SMS or see it on the integrated software. Also have the control of opening your gate via SMS and receiving notifications if gates are left open to longCLIENT.

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Do you live in a complex?
All residents can have access to position and functionality of the energisers at any time either from their local PC or cell phones, This gives peace of mind to many residents
Who should have an energizer buddy?
Everyone...from opening gates and disarming alarms remotely via sms to where the control & reporting of perimeter alarms is often left to a guard, you need to have all the information at your fingertips.
What is an Energizer Buddy?
A GSM device which gives you remote control of security and access to your property providing sms reporting to management numbers and complete functionality reporting of energizer status, including all input and output conditions.

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Advanced Uses

Energiser activity history can be downloaded to your own PC for site management and live streaming is available to manage all your zones on a PC or big screen monitor in control room

Access, save and print any history activity reports as logged by the server

Multiple clients and units can be monitored by control rooms, Security manager or service providers

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Wayne Robb 082 412 0868